From Table to Stage:

Jan. 2013 at the Poetic License Festival at the Wild Project in New York City
April 2013 at Answer the Muse at the Puffin Cultural Forum in Teaneck, NJ


"On January 27, Warrior Writers NYC got a unique opportunity to adapt a year’s work to a theatrical context. Thanks to our community for coming out to witness our movement From Table to Stage. It was an honest, funny, and powerful account of the development of Warrior Writers NYC work and relationships over the course of last year’s programming. The show featured the results of actual poetry exercises written in our workshops, music and video collaborations with veteran writing, a presentation of the issues veterans face, and the writing and performance they use to engage them. The veterans were remarkably tuned in to the performance, yet wholly themselves, giving the audience a rare opportunity to see an engagement of personal and post-war struggles; their bravery and humor was inspiring. Ironically, coming out of the experience of playing myself, I felt more connected to the work we do and the person I’ve become over the past year by working with this group."
Raymond Daniel Medina