Poetry Reading & Book Release Party

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Sept. 5-7, 2014, National Veterans Art Museum, Chicago, IL

Warrior Writers facilitated a veterans writing workshop that generated creative responses to the artwork featured in "SURREALISM & WAR" and used surrealist poetry and history to create new surrealist poetry. Saturday featured a Veterans Writing Workshop followed by a Working With Vets 101 and Open Facilitator's Training. The workshops were followed by a poetry reading featuring the workshop participants and Warrior Writers members.


Friday, Sept 5 evening:
Casual evening dinner, time and location TBD
Saturday, Sept 6:
12-12:30PM: Lunch
12:30-2:30PM: Veterans Writing Workshop or Working with Veterans 101 (for civilians)
3-5PM: Veterans Writing Workshop or Facilitator's Training (for vets and civilians)
5-6:30PM: Dinner
7PM: Poetry performance/Book Release Party
Sunday, Sept 7, morning/afternoon:
Activities TBD, possibilities include wellness sessions, brunch, BBQ, etc. Departures

Workshop Descriptions

For Veterans and Service Members:
These creative workshops offer prompts that cover a variety of military issues and experiences. This encourages sharing stories, opinions, and ideas for productive writing/reflecting/story-telling and art-making. A highlight of these workshops for many veterans is having a space to release bottled-up thoughts and emotions among others who understand, creating a sense of empowerment in the ability to tell their own story. By creating an open and accepting atmosphere, we build a community of support. Workshops are for any service member or veteran regardless of experiences with writing, combat, art, deployment, etc.

Working With Veterans 101:
This workshop is centered around building healthy relationships between service members/veterans and civilians. Some areas of learning and exploration include veterans’ issues/experiences, Post Traumatic Stress, guidance on positive ways to engage veterans, etc. We utilize dialogue, participatory learning and active listening processes as well as artwork of veterans/soldiers to guide discussions.

Facilitator Training:
Experienced facilitators who have led previous Warrior Writers workshops conduct trainings for service members, veterans, allies and community members who are interested in facilitating workshops. Participants who do not have experience with the military community must attend a Working With Veterans 101 training before attending any workshop. Participation in this workshop does not authorize one to lead workshops under the Warrior Writers name, but is a stepping stone in the process.