for the Veterans we've loved and not lost
to honor and remember
we breathe life into you
you are resurrected constantly

Memorial Day writing/reflections
In case you’re a writer and appreciate prompts, here are a few.
Who do you remember on Memorial Day? Tell me about them.
What does Memorial Day mean to you?
How do you want to acknowledge Memorial Day?
How does society acknowledge Memorial Day?
How do you want society to acknowledge Memorial Day?

Below are a few selections of writing by our veteran artists regarding Memorial Day that we’d like to share.

We honor and send love to those who have left us/been taken from us.
These occupations have caused untold pain and destruction; death is part of that. We have dedicated this site to our beloved friend, Jonny Millantz who left us while the site was being created. We have lost many loved ones. Our work is in honor of their memories, their lives, their friendship and their love. We honor those people we have lost to occupation, post traumatic stress, the military, apathy, the failing VA system... They live on in our hearts forever and we want to share them with you.

  • Ronald Abmeyer

    Ronald Kenneth Abmeyer
    DOB: 19 September 1946
    Passed: May 1967
    Marine, Lance Corporal
    2 BT, 3rd Marines Regiment

    Ronnie was a rifleman during Vietnam. He was on OP Hickory, when he became kill # 117.

    If you visit the wall, he is line 20 E, row 99. My uncle was an Army man, but Ronnie's Marine comrades invite him to their Memorial Day gathering for remembrance. Ronnie was only 21 years old.

  • Doug Barber

  • Joshua Casteel

  • Richard Correa

    SGT Richard V. Correa
    Passed: 29 May 2007

    Richard served with 1st Mountain during Operation Iraqi Freedom, he was an Army Ranger who is deeply missed.

  • Ben Dillon

    CPL Ben Dillon
    Passed: 7 October 2007
    Bravo Co. 3/75 Ranger Regiment

    Ben was killed while performing combat operations in Mosul. Always on our minds.

  • Charles Jankowski

    SGT Charles A. Jankowski DOB: 18 December 1983
    Passed: 28 March 2008
    KIA-- OIF V
    2-3 BTB, 2nd BDE Combat Team

    You are forever with us brother.

  • Ryan Garbs

    PFC Ryan Garbs
    Passed: 18 February 2007
    Bravo Co. 3/75 Ranger Regiment

    Ryan was involved in a Chinook crash while serving in Afghanistan. Ryan was 20 years old.

  • Jacob David George

    Jacob David George
    DOB: 12 April 1982
    Passed: 17 September 2014

    Jacob was a 3-tour veteran of Afghanistan, came home and did his best to heal from the wounds of what he called “moral injury.” He traveled the country on bicycle, spreading the word about war and its inherent unnecessity. This project was called A Ride Till The End. Later on, Jacob went back to Afghanistan and met with the Afghan Peace Volunteers, and when he returned to Arkansas he created the album called Soldier’s Heart. His website exists to ensure that this Soldier’s Heart medicine is widely accessible to everyone living with trauma, especially veterans.

  • Darren Hubble

    SSG Darren Hubble
    Passed: June 2007

    Medic and neighbor. Had a son, daughter, and fiance he left behind. This was his 2nd or 3rd deployment, but he was killed on his first mission of this deployment. Truly a great guy that will be missed.

  • Willis "Nomo" Humphrey

    Willis "Nomo" Humphrey
    DOB: 27 July 1974
    Passed: 28 November 2018

    Willis "Nomo" Humphrey, a celebrated artist behind more than a dozen murals and public art landmarks across the city of Philadelphia. Nomo’s body of work – notable for its vibrant color palette, multi-layered imagery and depictions of African American life — can be found on the facades of buildings from Germantown to Kingsessing.

    His family is raising funds to provide assistance in education opportunities for his children. Nomo was a rare and beautiful human being, a team player, a true collaborator. We hope to honor his memory and his legacy. The funds raised will be divided equally among Willis' three children. The family is working towards establishing 529c savings accounts for Chloe, Dylan, and Logan.

  • Mikey Kelly

    Mikey Kelly
    Passed: 2 May 2010

    Mikey was serving in Iraq with the Royal Scot Guars Dragoons. Upon returning from his deployment, he committed suicide. He was 26 years old. Never Forgotten.

  • Jamie Kwebetchou

    Jamie Kwebetchou
    DOB: 13 January 1992
    Passed: 4 May 2019

    Jaime was warm, open, and enthusiastic and was so dedicated to building up our work together, Jaime had this way of making you feel like you mattered and could be everything you wanted to be. In such a short time, he impacted many lives for the better. He will be sorely missed, but not forgotten. Please consider helping his family cover funeral costs.

  • Edward Austin Koth

  • Johnny Millantz

    Johnny Millantz
    DOB: 30 July 1981
    Passed: 3 April 2009

    Johnny was a medic who spent years detailing accounts of prisoner abuse and torture in which he and his fellow Army unit members had been involved. Johnny was plagued with guilt about the role he played in the war. He spoke candidly with many journalists in an attempt to halt the abuse. A friend to many of us, the joy in his laughter lives deep within us. Johnny, we are forever grateful for your heart and we miss you.

  • Sammantha Owen-Ewing

    Sammantha Owen-Ewing
    DOB: 7 December 1986
    Passed: 26 November 2007

    Sammantha pursued her desire to work in the medical field while in the Army. She planned to continue her educational goals while also working as an EMT.

  • Regina Reali

    SGT Regina Reali
    Passed: 21 December 2005
    Army National Guard Civil Affairs unit.

    I had become close with the 2 guard units that worked with us during my deployment. They are all great people, more family-like, and just fun and nice. One group gave me the nickname "Turtle", and the other always brought me Cinnabon when they had a mission that would take them to Victory. When Regina and SGT Wiley were hit, she was the driver and he, the gunner. She was unidentifiable.

  • John Jared Savage

  • Leonard Shelton

  • Tim Swanson

  • Kris Thomas

    PFC Kris D. Thomas
    Passed: 18 February 2007
    Bravo Co. 3/75 Ranger Regiment

    Kris was also involved in the helicopter accident with PFC Garbs. Kris was only 18 years old.