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Warrior Writers and Lovella Calica, founder and director of Warrior Writers, have more than ten years of experience working with veterans and advising organizations on best practices for working with veterans. Warrior Writers provides individualized consultation, facilitator training and group workshops for a variety of organizations including colleges, universities, businesses, corporations, veteran support organizations, and community groups. Below are descriptions of standard workshops and services. Warrior Writers also provides individualized training and consultation, geared to the specific needs of different organizaitons. Fees are determined on a sliding scale.

Workshop Descriptions

Working With Veterans 101 Workshop:
This training is centered on building healthy relationships between service members/veterans and civilians. Some areas of learning and exploration include veterans’ issues/experiences, Post Traumatic Stress, guidance on positive ways to engage veterans, etc. We utilize creative writing/art-making, dialogue, participatory learning and active listening processes as well as artwork of veterans/soldiers to guide discussions. This training makes use of the knowledge and histories of participants in the room, so people who have experience working with veterans (or are veterans) are encouraged to come and contribute.

Facilitator’s Training:
Experienced facilitators who have led previous Warrior Writers workshops conduct trainings for service members, veterans, allies and community members who are interested in facilitating workshops. Participants who do not have experience with the military community must attend our Working With Veterans 101 training before attending any workshop. The format begins with prompts similar to a standard Warrior Writers workshop, but includes added tips, conversations and a “Do-It-Yourself” guide. Participation in this workshop does not authorize one to lead workshops under the Warrior Writers name, but is a stepping-stone in the process.

Writing Workshops for Veterans and Service Members:
These creative workshops offer prompts that cover a variety of military issues and experiences. This encourages sharing stories, opinions, and ideas for productive writing/reflecting/story-telling and art-making. A highlight of these workshops for many veterans is having a space to release bottled-up thoughts and emotions among others who understand, creating a sense of empowerment in the ability to tell their own story. By creating an open and accepting atmosphere, we build a community of support. Workshops are for any service member or veteran regardless of experiences with writing, combat, art, deployment, etc.

Writing Workshops for Military Families and Community Members:
Writing workshops for military family and community members build a supportive environment to explore and share stories, memories, dreams and ideas through creative expression. Prompts and discussions cover issues and experiences relating to living in a military community, deployment and homecoming of loved ones, relationships, supporting each other, healing, and growth. No previous writing or artistic experience is necessary for participation.

Poetry Reading and Performance:
In addition to creating art, we present poetry performances showcasing the writing that veterans and family members have created at our writing workshops. The performances generally last about an hour, and we are open to sharing the stage with other veterans/family members from the local area who want to present with us. We like to do a rehearsal, sound check before the performance, or at least look at the space. Auditoriums and lecture halls work well, as do gallery spaces. Warriiot Writers have also performed in more established venues, including the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Lincoln Center.

Consultation and Custom Training
We will customize activities to fit your programming needs and interests. In addition to the activities described above, we do panels, classroom presentations, and art exhibitions. We can do mixed workshops (open to military members and community members), but we require non-veterans to attend our Working With Veterans 101 training before attending a writing workshop with veterans. Most sessions take a total of two hours, but can be shortened. We usually accommodate 5-20 for the writing workshops and 5-30 for the Working with Veterans 101 and facilitator’s training. Warrior Writers has provided programming for Veteran’s Service organizations, University and College departments of Creative Writing, English, Psychology, Social Work, History, Performance and Visual Arts; and designed programs for academic and business venues focusing on Professional/Faculty Development, Diversity, Leadership & Culture, Healthcare, Disability Services, Counseling Services.
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